7 Ways to Better Organize and Utilize Your Hobby Room Using Wooden Wine Boxes

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Being able to get to the materials and tools it takes to complete hobby projects takes having a dedicated space and keeping that area well organized. You can use wooden wine boxes to help you keep your items right where they need to be.

1. Elegant Fabric Bin for Quilters

Medium and large size wine boxes constructed of wood are the perfect and elegant way to stow all your fabrics for making quilts, clothes, curtains, or any other sewn product. Everything can stay right where you know it’s easy to find. No more digging things out from under other items piled on tables or chairs.

2. Make Display Shelves for Finished Projects

Whether you make model airplanes or ceramic pottery, creating display shelves from wine boxes is a great way to put your finished projects on proud display. The natural wood can be stained, painted, or you can leave the exterior labeling as-is for a unique look. It may be worthwhile to visit www.ekanconcepts.com for more information.

3. Create Cubby Storage Using Small Wine Boxes

Hobbies dealing with wood or leather require the use of small tools that can be easily lost or temporarily misplaced. Single wine bottle wooden boxes can have separators installed and stacked as high as you need to provide help with organizing. Every small item for your hobby or activity will have a specific spot to stay if not in use.

4. Art Supply Caddy

Depending on how many art supplies you use for any project, a medium size wine box will work to create a caddy to carry everything you need at one time. Have all the supplies you need at your fingertips. Add a small handle to the bottom and center of the interior of the box to make it a mobile caddy.

5. Paint or Yarn Holders and Stackers

Plastic bottles of arts and craft paint or skeins of yarn can be kept organized, easily visible, and within reach by creating lined shelving for the backside of your work area. You can easily stack materials and get a clear view of color choices for your current project.

6. Markers, Pencils, Paintbrushes, Crochet or Knitting Hook and Hand Tool Holders

Another great use for single wine bottle boxes is the storage of small items like pencils, erasers, pens, markers, paintbrushes, crochet and knitting hooks, or small hand tools. You can also stow away all of your small sewing items like pins, needles, and thread.

7. Stencil and Pattern Stackable Storage

Patterns in any form are something you want to save to reuse on other projects. Sticking them in a drawer can lead to damage or loss. Create stackable trays made of medium size wine boxes. It will look great and can hold hundreds of stencils and patterns. The space it takes up is minimal.

Create a more organized space to get the room you need for all your hobbies using wooden wine boxes.