The Benefits of Summer Camp [Video Transcript]

Dave: The experience and the growth that comes with the camp experience is the greatest benefit and one of the greatest things that they can do for their children.

Camper 1: You get to do activities that you can’t do anywhere else, like the zip line, you can’t do anywhere else. There’s nowhere else [inaudible 00:00:23]

Alex: If I’d stayed in the city all the time, it’s very grid-like. You stay in between the lines and you play between those rules. Within nature, there aren’t those walls. There aren’t those [inaudible 00:00:32] and you’re allowed to just walk wherever, be wherever. It allows you to kind of grow and explore.

Ethan: We got to get out of the house and to put down the video games and to try something new and to try something fun and exciting outside.

Mandy: Let them enjoy. Let them leave the computers at home and really have a great experience and work things out for themselves and grow and learn and become stronger within themselves.

Ellen: Often, a lifetime of friendships. To gain independence, feel great about yourself, and experience things that you wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to do.

Camper 2: Such a great place to have fun during the summer and stuff, going swimming everyday, canoeing trips, pretty fun.

Matt: The freedom that is offers. A freedom to try an amazing range of activities and a freedom to be who the want to be, to play how they want to play, all while being in an incredibly safe environment. It’s a freedom that the city certainly has a lot of trouble offering.

Camper 3: Huge range of activities. They have everything.

Speaker 10: Provide the opportunity, whether it’s a day or residential camp, often provides an opportunity of almost untouched wilderness without the wild in wilderness. They’re in a managed situation. They are taken care of by wonderful staff.

Ethan: You’re a little bit nervous or apprehensive on the first day, but within the first 24-48 hours, I see kids going from really uncomfortable, apprehensive to just running around wild and crazy and just having a blast.

Speaker 11: We’re focused on making sure that you come out a better person than when you came in. That you’ve experienced more, you’ve grown more and that you’re laughing more and just taking more away in your experiences.

Camper 4: I tell them about the great time I had and I want to come back next year and about the new friends I met.

Sol: Once they overcome that initial sensation of fear or apprehensive, they have their first summer camps Ontario experience and send their kids back year after year, generation after generation.


To learn more about summer camps, please contact:
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How Compensation Is Determined In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

You may have heard stories of people who were awarded millions of dollars as part of a personal injury settlement. However, who or what determines how much an individual receives after being hurt in an accident? Let’s take a look at the types of compensation available to an injured victim and how they may be applied in a given case.

What Are the Actual Damages in a Case?

An injured victim is generally entitled to reimbursement to compensation for actual damages in a case. These are costs directly incurred by the victim such as a copay to see a doctor or the deductible on a car insurance policy to repair damage done to a vehicle. If an individual has to purchase a wheelchair, crutches or other equipment after being hurt, those may also be considered actual damages.

Lost Wages and Future Earnings May Also Be Included

The reason why some people may receive hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in a personal injury case is because they receive compensation for lost wages and future earnings. A 25-year-old who makes $100,000 a year and is projected to match that salary for 40 years would be entitled to at least $4 million in lost future earnings. That is in addition to whatever he or she has already lost because of injury.

Punitive Damages Could Be Added By a Jury

A personal injury lawyer Toronto may pursue punitive damages in a case in addition to actual damages and lost wages. They may be included in a total compensation package if the party responsible for causing the accident was extremely negligent. For instance, if a company refused to recall a product that was clearly dangerous, a jury may award a victim an extra $1 million to send a message that product safety needs to be a bigger priority.

What If a Plaintiff Has a Spouse or Dependents?

In addition to any compensation awarded directly to the injured victim, additional money may be awarded to help care for dependents. This may be used to help pay off a mortgage to ensure that the children have a place to live or a scholarship to pay for future college costs. A spouse or other family members may also take separate legal action to pursue compensation for loss of companionship or loss of consortium.
Anyone who has been suffered injuries in an accident that they did not cause should contact a personal injury lawyer. While there is no way to guarantee how much a given case may be worth, an attorney will work to obtain all the compensation that an individual may be entitled to.

3 Ways A Chiropractor Can Help You

Many people have discounted the work of chiropractors because they do not work like traditional doctors, but that does not mean that they do not have their uses. If you are experiencing chronic pain or spinal issues, then chiropractic therapy can fix your ailments and change your life.

Chronic Pain

Many people have become accustomed to dealing with everyday headaches or pains and living with them, but this should not be so widely accepted. Instead of seeking chiropractic care, people will take harmful painkillers that do more damage to their bodies than the pain they are covering up.

Alternatively, you can seek the services of a chiropractor. Headaches and other common pains are often caused due to spinal issues, which chiropractic professionals have been trained to deal with. Stop covering up the problem when the real solution is so readily available.


When you live a busy and stressful life, it is only natural that your body will start to show signs of wear. This is commonly seen in the form of back stiffness that can make it difficult or even impossible to complete everyday tasks. This is the exact situation that chiropractic therapy was designed for.

Instead of suffering through your back stiffness, let a chiropractor Newmarket solve the issue for you. It can be intimidating to see a new type of health professional, but your stiffness today can turn into serious damage tomorrow. See a professional before your situation deteriorates, and keep your spine aligned and functioning as it should.

Nerve Damage

If you have recently been in an accident and feel sharp pains in your back from time to time, then there is a good chance that you have suffered nerve damage. These “pinched” nerves are irritating at best, but can quickly devolve to excruciating pain and long-term muscle issues.

A chiropractic practitioner can loosen these pinched nerves and alleviate your pain in a single session, whereas a traditional doctor would prescribe you medication to manage and live with the pain. Do not be afraid to try this reliable and safe method of healthcare. Your body will be glad that you did.


It is easy to see a traditional doctor to treat your health issues, but look at the quality of care that you will receive. If you like taking medications everyday and learning to live with pain and discomfort, then traditional medicine is the right way to go. If, however, you are like most people and would rather have your issue solved today, then chiropractic therapy is the solution that you have been waiting for.

The 3 Signs of Gum Disease

If you are like most people, then you most likely do not get excited at the idea of visiting your dentist. If you are having oral health issues, however, then they are your best chance of restoring your smile. If you are experiencing the following systems of gum disease, then you should contact your dental hygienist immediately.


This is one of the most well-known gum diseases as well as the easiest to identify. Gingivitis occurs when you let plaque sit on your teeth for too long. The bacteria in the plaque will spread to your gums, which is the definition of gingivitis. But what does it look like?

Gingivitis is easy to spot by causing red and swollen gums. If you find that your gums are more easily irritated than usual and you experience regular bleeding, then there is a good chance that you have gingivitis. Gingivitis is also commonly known to cause a dull ache in the gums, even when you are not brushing your teeth.


If Gingivitis is not treated quickly, it can develop into the much more sever Periodontitis. Where Gingivitis irritates and inflames the gums, Periodontitis can destroy your teeth as well as do serious damage to your jawbone.

As the infection of Gingivitis worsens, you will notice that your gums begin to pull back and create pockets of infection. At this point, your teeth should be extremely painful to the touch and it will become hard to function on a day-to-day basis. If left untreated, the bacteria will destroy the bones, gums and soft tissues that all support your teeth. This typically results in a dentist being forced to remove all of your teeth.

If you begin to see any of the early signs of this disease, it is urgent that you see a Oshawa dentist immediately.

General Symptoms

If you are not sure if you have either of these gum diseases, then look for a few tell-tale signs. If you experience bad breath that will not go away, painful chewing or a redness around your gums, there is a good chance that your gums have become infected. To prevent the worsening of your condition, it is vital that you see a dental professional as soon as possible.


While dentists often go unappreciated, they are the only way to treat and prevent gum diseases. If you experience any of these symptoms, err on the side of caution and see a dental professional immediately. Infections like these will only get worse, and it is in your best interest to protect your oral health as best as you can.

Ways To Get Access To Emergency Cash

If your bank account is showing that you have a zero balance and you have bills to pay, where can you turn for cash in a hurry? One option is to apply for quick cash loans online. However, you also may want to turn to family and friends for cash or apply for a personal loan to tide you over.

Why Ask Friends and Family For Loans?

Family and friends care the most about you and your personal well-being. While a bank may give you the money that you need, they will charge a high rate of interest or ask for collateral to secure the loan. Those who know you best may be willing to give you money with no strings attached or favorable terms to help you get out of debt as easily as possible. However, the biggest advantage is that you can get the money minutes after you ask for it, which is helpful when you have a debt that needs to be paid now.

Why Take Out Personal Loans?

Personal loans can be effective because you can use the money for any purpose that you need. You can also receive unsecured loans, which means that you won’t lose your house or car if you can’t repay the loan in a timely manner. Personal loans can also be advantageous because you can get a large sum of money, which you may need to pay a back tax bill or a large credit card minimum payment.

Your Employer May Help You Out

Your employer may be willing to give you an advance on your salary or give you extra hours to help you pay for an emergency expense. While it may mean spending more time away from your kids or foregoing salary later on in the year, it can be just what you need to help you stay afloat financially today.

Why Opt for Quick Cash Loans?

Fast cash loans allow you to get the money you need quickly. While you may not get the same terms that you would when you borrow from a parent or a friend, you have access to cash when you have nowhere else to turn. For most people, having a place to stay or having the ability to get a medical procedure done is more important than how much it may cost to finance that cost.

If you need cash today, there are many options available to you to get it. Whether you go to a family member or friend, get help from your employer or take out a loan, make sure that you get the best possible terms. This will make it easier to repay the loan and keep your credit intact or relationships with those close to you from becoming strained. More information can be found at Lendgreen, providing you with additional resources and references.

How To Waterproof Your Basement: Exterior and Interior

You might have a leaky basement, or in need of precautionary measures to prevent your basement from flooding. But before contacting your local plumber, you find yourself wondering how to cure a leaky basement, or how to prevent leaks, making you curious about the methods and products used to water proof basements. Regardless of your motivation, investing in basement waterproofing is a splendid idea, seeing as this will help you prevent damages and save money.

Every situation and basement is entirely different, making it necessary to know exactly where moisture might come in from, as well as develop an ideal and sustainable solution. There are three methods to make your basement impermeable, and these are:

1. Interior Waterproofing and Sealants
The most common water entry points are cracks in your concrete foundation. Fortunately, these cracks can easily be sealed from the inside of your basement. A special sealant will be injected into the crack openings until it penetrates through to the exterior, where the potential moisture entry points will be sealed off. Interior sealants are ideal for the prevention of humidity and leaks. An alternative is, use of watertight coatings on your basements, especially since concrete watertight coats will permanently adhere to concrete walls, and in minor condensation or dampness issues, will work well. Basement floods and major leaks cannot, however, be fixed by watertight coats or sealants, mainly because they cannot adequately perform with an intense water pressure pushing against the foundation.

2. Exterior Waterproofing
To accomplish an exterior waterproofing, your house will be fully excavated, all around and to the bottom of its foundation. Your walls are then sealed using a water proof coating, which effectively makes your walls watertight and also directs water away from the foundation, towards a drainage system or sump pump. This method efficiently stops water from seeping into your basement or house either through walls or the foundation and prevents moisture from damaging both the foundation as well as the inside of your basement.

3. Interior & Exterior Drainage
In case water made it into your house through leaks, a proper drainage system provides you with better control over water. The simplest way of enhancing drainage inside the basement is through the use of a sump pump in the collection of the water inside your basement, then pumping it out and away from your house. Installation of a sump pump should be done by a qualified professional such as plumber Toronto.

The functionality of interior drainage systems is through drainage of underground water from alongside your house foundation and pumping it all away from your basement. These drainage systems are more beneficial to homeowners in case of heavy rainfall, power outages, or even heavy melting of snow. Drainage of water serves as an effective solution for keeping water out of your basement and home, and could also be airtight and applied with vapor barriers to ensure the whole area is free of mold and mildew.

No one wants to return to a home with a leaking or flooded basement, making it important to contact your local plumbing service provider and take preventive measures and prepare your home ahead of time. In case a leak occurs, seek immediate advice from a plumber.

Leaky basement

How to Keep your Basement Dry

Water and moisture build-up inside of a basement is a disaster from the very beginning. Not only can water and moisture cause mold to grow, it can also cause health hazards, especially for those with weakened immune systems and/or allergies/asthma. Prevention is key and keeping your basement dry is an essential step in reducing hassle and potential hazards to your health. But the big question left for most homeowners is how they can keep their basement dry. With the help of a plumber, you can beat moisture build-up in the basement.

Stop that Leak
Call a plumber for any and all leaks that you see as soon as they’re noticed. The leak is only going to continue to worsen the longer that you delay the call, resulting in more expenses to make the repair as well as potential structural damage to walls, floors, and items sitting around the basement.

Choose your Paint Carefully
The type of paint used in the basement affects whether or not water and moisture will affect the area. It is your best bet to use a water-resistant paint on the walls of the basement. This extra protection certainly causes greater difficulty when snow, rain, and other weather elements are threatening your home.

Is your Basement Waterproofed?
Basement waterproofing is also a step that prevents water and moisture build-up from affecting this space on your home. Almost any plumber service like plumber Toronto can provide you with basement waterproofing at a cost affordable to most any budget. When you’ve waterproofed the basement, there is little else for you to worry about.

Gutters and Downspouts are Important
Are gutters and downspouts in place on your home? If they’re not, call a professional and get them installed as soon as possible. Both the gutter and the downspout prevents water and moisture from building around the foundation of the home, causing damage to the basement in the process.

Dehumidifiers Clear the Air
If your home’s basement isn’t already equipped with a dehumidifier, now is the time to get one! A dehumidifier works opposite a humidifier and ensures that any extra moisture in the air is absorbed. A larger basement may require two units for effectiveness. With a dehumidifier in place, the air in the basement is cleaner and crisper, as well as easier to breathe!

Insulate the Pipes
Are your pipes insulated? If they’re not, you’re potentially risking condensation development on the cold water pipe. Insulating pipes is fairly simple, very inexpensive, and worthwhile for that added peace of mind and protection.

Dental Implants

How Dental Implants Have Changed Throughout History

Dental implants are an excellent and long-term solution to missing teeth. Although modern dental technology is relatively new, implants have actually been used for thousands of years throughout history. From ancient civilizations to the 21st century, dental implants have evolved a great deal.

Ancient Civilizations

Researchers have found evidence of dental implants dating back about 4,000 years ago to ancient China. People in ancient times likely replaced missing teeth to be able to chew food more easily. The ancient Chinese used bamboo pegs carved to the shape of teeth as implants.

Archaeologists have found remains from Egyptian kings from about 3,000 years ago that have copper pegs tapped into the jaw bone to replace teeth. Egyptian mummies have also been found with teeth made of ivory and precious metals. Some mummies even have transplanted human teeth.

In the 1930s in Honduras, a scientist discovered the jaw of a Mayan woman that dated back to 600 A.D. Three missing teeth were replaced with shells that had been carved to look like teeth. From the way the shells were carved and placed, scientists believe that these implants were used both for functionality and to improve the woman’s appearance.

18th and 19th Centuries

The practice of dentistry became more common in the 1700s, and dentists began experimenting with implants made of gold and alloys. In most cases, these experiments were unsuccessful. In the early 1800s, some companies began commercially manufacturing porcelain teeth. However, these implants still had limited long-term success.

Modern-Day Technology

In 1913, the American dentist Edwin Greenfield performed the first modern implant. His method, which was known as the Greenfield implant system, involved attaching a platinum implant to a gold crown. This allowed the tooth to fuse to the bone, which resulted in a longer-lasting implant. Greenfield’s discovery was the start of modern dentistry and was followed by many more advancements.

Today, most dental implants are made out of titanium. The effectiveness of titanium was discovered in the 1950s by Per-Ingvar Branemark, an orthopedic surgeon who was studying bone regeneration. After keeping a rabbit femur in a titanium chamber for his experiment, he discovered that the bone had fused to the titanium. After more research and experimentation, Branemark performed the first titanium implant procedure on a live human patient.

Over the past several decades, researchers have improved this implanting method. Today, the vast majority of implants are made of a titanium alloy with a roughened surface that helps it fuse to the bone. After the titanium is attached to the jaw, a crown is placed on top. This method is much safer, more comfortable, and longer-lasting than older methods. If you think you may benefit from dental implants, you should speak to a dentist like dental implants Toronto to determine if it is right for you.

Wedding Gift Basket

What To Include In A Wedding Gift Basket

Weddings are exciting times for everyone, but deciding what to give the new couple is hard when they may not know what they want. Giving gift baskets is a great way to give the couple several things at once without giving the typical wedding gift of a gift card.

Think Kitchen
Many wedding guests do not remember having to set up their home. The kitchen is often left neglected because it is easy to think of the electronic or financial needs of the couple. Having a set of coffee mugs with travel sized coffee packets inside them will be great for them when they need it. Having a starter set of utensils will also help them with other meals. Throwing in dish soap or a brush will help them clean their dishes without worry.

Putting canned foods into the basket can be another way to help the couple start out their kitchen. Find out what they like, in terms of canned foods. Adding a bottom row of foods to the basket will help them out with their groceries. It will also give them a chance to make some meals for each other and see what they like.

Think Bathroom
It is very easy to give bath salts and bubble baths, but giving towels and washcloths are often overlooked. Purchase a set of each in neutral color and roll them to fit into the basket alongside the mugs. Toothbrushes and toothpaste will also help out the couple, along with razors. A gentle soap or shampoo and conditioner will help them set up their bathroom nicely.

Think Cleaning
Giving a gift basket full of cleaning supplies may sound like a boring or horrible gift, but the couple will thank you later. It is rare that newly weds think of all the cleaning they will need to do in their home, so having a gift basket full of the supplies they need will come in handy. It will also serve as a base for their future cleaning needs when they move into a house.

Think Conversation
Putting a board game or two into the basket will help the couple begin to improve their communication skills with each other. It will give them a chance to spend quality time together as a couple without the distraction of television or electronic games. The more they communicate with each other, the stronger their bond will be and you helped foster that connection.

Putting the basket together will be fun, however, make certain to put the heavier items, like the board game and the canned foods into the bottom of the basket. If time is limited or you’re not confident what the couple would like, you should consider purchasing a professionally made gift basket from a seller like Boodles Of Baskets.

Rewards Card

The Benefit Of A Customer Rewards Program

Rewarding repeat customers to increase sales in your business, is a primary but a powerful strategy towards a successful business. Today, the payment processing space is evolving and as a merchant, it is important to acquire space. Card holder usage has increased significantly and by adding a customer reward program; your payment company can significantly contribute to the growth of your business. Rewarding your customers will certainly benefit them but what will you get out of it?

Deselect unprofitable customers
Low spending customers or those who buy your discounted line cost you money. It is certainly profitable to lose bad customers than it is to gain new ones. This is because unprofitable customers cost you more money to service than they generate.

Payment processors like Collective P.O.S helps you identify to what extent a customer is contributing to your business. Designing a customer reward program that rewards better customers while excluding the unprofitable ones will give them less reason to stay. If unprofitable customers are contributing to the fixed operating cost and the size of your business, you may want to retain them. The same customer reward program can help you turn them into profitable customers.

Adjust prices
A customer reward program can help formulate the pricing structure of your business. The after effects of changing prices can be studied by segmenting customers through the payment processing database. You can identify which customer segment will buy significantly less or more when price change. If enough customers are happy to purchase a product at a certain price, there seems to be no point in reducing that price simply to attract less profitable customers.

Increase customer lifetime value
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the net income attributed to the overall relationship you will maintain with your customer. CLV measures how valuable a customer is to you now and also how valuable you interactions with them will be in the future. Adding a customer reward can help you calculate exactly what the CLV is for each customer, and help you turn such information into usable data for implementing solid strategies to retain your customers.

Customer Acquisition
A valuable customer reward program has the ability to attract new customers. Differentiation of business is perceived very strongly by the potential customers with an effective customer reward program.
Payment processing shows that customers all over the world are now utilizing card usage more often than ever before. Implementing a reward program based on this information is very important in retaining existing and new customers.

Rewarding the purchasing behavior of your customers increases their urge to stay loyal to your business/company. A reward program may offer store credit, convenience, prizes or any other benefit that will entice your customers.Continuous updates to the rewards will keep your customers engaged which will, on the other hand, contribute to the growth of your business.