Four Places to Look for Plumbing Problems

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When it comes to plumbing, some individuals immediately think of a burst pipe spewing water into the basement or a toilet that won’t flush. While these issues are certainly reasons to call a plumber, also keep your eye open to other problems that can arise. Knowing the places to look can help you to identify a problem and call for help before the situation grows gargantuan.

1. Kitchen Sink

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The kitchen sink is often forgotten when it comes to plumbing problems, but if you’re an avid cook or baker, you might find that this space gets clogged. You have to be careful when you’re washing out dishes and bowls. In other words, make sure to scrap off remnants into the garbage; don’t just let them pile up in the sink. Piles up goop in the sink are sure to lead to a clog that is difficult to get out and potentially damaging to the plumbing. It might be helpful for you to visit Drain Rescue and learn from the information on their website.

2. Bathroom Sink

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Your bathroom sink likely gets quite a bit of use between everyone brushing their teeth and washing their hands multiple times per day. Also, you may very well stand over your bathroom sink as you style your hair and put on your makeup, and these products may find their way down the drain. When you’re pressed for time and in a pinch, you may even wash your hair in the sink, further exposing the drain to the elements. Black sludge is a common sign of a problem with your sink, and this sludge forms from a variety of elements, including all of those products that are going down the drain. Calling a plumber can help you to get this problem fixed.

3. Bathtub and Shower

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While many people wish they could take a nice long shower or bath to relax at the end of the day, plenty of individuals, perhaps including yourself, are actually rushing through the process on the way to work or school. As a result, you may not notice that the water is coming halfway up your shins when you shower or not going down the drain so quickly after a bath. Pay attention to these issues so that you can call a plumber before you have an overflow.

4. Under the Bathroom

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The room underneath the bathroom can reveal to you if issues are at work above. For example, you might notice wet spots on the ceiling, or you may even see water dripping into the room. In these cases, the need to call a plumber for assistance should be quite obvious. The issue is that you have to remember to check the room. If under the bathroom sits a closet or storage room that you hardly ever venture in, a problem could become serious before you know it exists.

Plumbing problems can happen in different spaces of the house. When you know where to look, you can reduce the chances of a disaster.