How to Keep your Basement Dry

Leaky basement

Water and moisture build-up inside of a basement is a disaster from the very beginning. Not only can water and moisture cause mold to grow, it can also cause health hazards, especially for those with weakened immune systems and/or allergies/asthma. Prevention is key and keeping your basement dry is an essential step in reducing hassle and potential hazards to your health. But the big question left for most homeowners is how they can keep their basement dry. With the help of a plumber, you can beat moisture build-up in the basement.

Stop that Leak
Call a plumber for any and all leaks that you see as soon as they’re noticed. The leak is only going to continue to worsen the longer that you delay the call, resulting in more expenses to make the repair as well as potential structural damage to walls, floors, and items sitting around the basement.

Choose your Paint Carefully
The type of paint used in the basement affects whether or not water and moisture will affect the area. It is your best bet to use a water-resistant paint on the walls of the basement. This extra protection certainly causes greater difficulty when snow, rain, and other weather elements are threatening your home.

Is your Basement Waterproofed?
Basement waterproofing is also a step that prevents water and moisture build-up from affecting this space on your home. Almost any plumber service like plumber Toronto can provide you with basement waterproofing at a cost affordable to most any budget. When you’ve waterproofed the basement, there is little else for you to worry about.

Gutters and Downspouts are Important
Are gutters and downspouts in place on your home? If they’re not, call a professional and get them installed as soon as possible. Both the gutter and the downspout prevents water and moisture from building around the foundation of the home, causing damage to the basement in the process.

Dehumidifiers Clear the Air
If your home’s basement isn’t already equipped with a dehumidifier, now is the time to get one! A dehumidifier works opposite a humidifier and ensures that any extra moisture in the air is absorbed. A larger basement may require two units for effectiveness. With a dehumidifier in place, the air in the basement is cleaner and crisper, as well as easier to breathe!

Insulate the Pipes
Are your pipes insulated? If they’re not, you’re potentially risking condensation development on the cold water pipe. Insulating pipes is fairly simple, very inexpensive, and worthwhile for that added peace of mind and protection.