The Benefits of Summer Camp [Video Transcript]

Dave: The experience and the growth that comes with the camp experience is the greatest benefit and one of the greatest things that they can do for their children.

Camper 1: You get to do activities that you can’t do anywhere else, like the zip line, you can’t do anywhere else. There’s nowhere else [inaudible 00:00:23]

Alex: If I’d stayed in the city all the time, it’s very grid-like. You stay in between the lines and you play between those rules. Within nature, there aren’t those walls. There aren’t those [inaudible 00:00:32] and you’re allowed to just walk wherever, be wherever. It allows you to kind of grow and explore.

Ethan: We got to get out of the house and to put down the video games and to try something new and to try something fun and exciting outside.

Mandy: Let them enjoy. Let them leave the computers at home and really have a great experience and work things out for themselves and grow and learn and become stronger within themselves.

Ellen: Often, a lifetime of friendships. To gain independence, feel great about yourself, and experience things that you wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to do.

Camper 2: Such a great place to have fun during the summer and stuff, going swimming everyday, canoeing trips, pretty fun.

Matt: The freedom that is offers. A freedom to try an amazing range of activities and a freedom to be who the want to be, to play how they want to play, all while being in an incredibly safe environment. It’s a freedom that the city certainly has a lot of trouble offering.

Camper 3: Huge range of activities. They have everything.

Speaker 10: Provide the opportunity, whether it’s a day or residential camp, often provides an opportunity of almost untouched wilderness without the wild in wilderness. They’re in a managed situation. They are taken care of by wonderful staff.

Ethan: You’re a little bit nervous or apprehensive on the first day, but within the first 24-48 hours, I see kids going from really uncomfortable, apprehensive to just running around wild and crazy and just having a blast.

Speaker 11: We’re focused on making sure that you come out a better person than when you came in. That you’ve experienced more, you’ve grown more and that you’re laughing more and just taking more away in your experiences.

Camper 4: I tell them about the great time I had and I want to come back next year and about the new friends I met.

Sol: Once they overcome that initial sensation of fear or apprehensive, they have their first summer camps Ontario experience and send their kids back year after year, generation after generation.


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