Top 5 Cheap And Best Destination Wedding Ideas

Hire Local Wedding Planners

It is not necessary for a cheap destination wedding to be something your friends and relatives can make fun of. There are several fantastic ideas which we’ll lay out here for you. With the help of these efficient ideas, we bet that you will manage to get a lavish wedding at a very reasonable cost.

Aren’t you all excited?

1. Choose A Lesser Known But Beautiful Location

Choose A Lesser Known But Beautiful Location

It would be a terrible idea to get married in Paris or London and then cry for the over expenditure. There are far more beautiful places than those and far cheaper. You will have to take your research work seriously. There are many websites on the internet where you can find lesser traveled/ lesser known beautiful places.

These places will have less cost of operations and wedding preparations. You can go to the beach side and arrange an awesome wedding for a very reasonable cost.

2. Invite Only Those Who Truly Matter

Invite Only Those Who Truly Matter

People usually don’t think before inviting guests over to a destination wedding. If you have a cost constraint, it is wise to invite only close friends and families. Inviting a lot of guests will only increase the food cost, travel cost, stay cost, and other miscellaneous costs.

You can use the extra money in making the wedding even more memorable for your closest friends and relatives.

3. Hire Local Wedding Planners

Hire Local Wedding Planners

Hiring an effective group of wedding planners is beneficial no matter what others say. Firstly, the peace on mind. It is extremely important especially on an occasion like a wedding. You need professionals to do the work professionally. You don’t want to mess up your destination wedding. Do you?

Secondly, with the experience they have in their line of work, they will arrange everything for your wedding. Supposedly, if you decided to get married in Toronto; the wedding planners will arrange the best Toronto destination wedding photographers, caterers, music, and other activities for you. That too for a very reasonable cost.

4. Put Famous Local Cuisines in The Menu

Put Famous Local Cuisines in The Menu

Why would you go out of your way and pay for exotic foreign food when you can have an amazing local food experience at your wedding? Remember that it’s a destination wedding and hence, the local food options can eventually turn out to be foreign for your attendees.

If you choose Cuba to be your wedding destination, you can include local exotic dishes such as Empanadas, Boliche, and Cocido de garbanzos in your menu. In Jamaica, you can serve Bammy and Bееf Patty to your guests.

These dishes won’t just cost less, but also will bring a local flavor to the entire ambiance. This will make memories which your guests will cherish forever.

5. Don’t Shy Away From Bargaining When Shopping For Wedding


Bargaining is one thing which we usually don’t do unless it’s really necessary. However, in a destination wedding setup, you will have to bargain for even the smallest things you buy or rent to. While booking a hotel for your guests, ask the management to provide you special discounted rates. With the number of guests you are bringing with you to your wedding, the local hotels may actually bid for your stay. Use this as your leverage.

With these tips in place, you can very well enjoy your economic destination wedding.