What To Include In A Wedding Gift Basket

Wedding Gift Basket

Weddings are exciting times for everyone, but deciding what to give the new couple is hard when they may not know what they want. Giving gift baskets is a great way to give the couple several things at once without giving the typical wedding gift of a gift card.

Think Kitchen
Many wedding guests do not remember having to set up their home. The kitchen is often left neglected because it is easy to think of the electronic or financial needs of the couple. Having a set of coffee mugs with travel sized coffee packets inside them will be great for them when they need it. Having a starter set of utensils will also help them with other meals. Throwing in dish soap or a brush will help them clean their dishes without worry.

Putting canned foods into the basket can be another way to help the couple start out their kitchen. Find out what they like, in terms of canned foods. Adding a bottom row of foods to the basket will help them out with their groceries. It will also give them a chance to make some meals for each other and see what they like.

Think Bathroom
It is very easy to give bath salts and bubble baths, but giving towels and washcloths are often overlooked. Purchase a set of each in neutral color and roll them to fit into the basket alongside the mugs. Toothbrushes and toothpaste will also help out the couple, along with razors. A gentle soap or shampoo and conditioner will help them set up their bathroom nicely.

Think Cleaning
Giving a gift basket full of cleaning supplies may sound like a boring or horrible gift, but the couple will thank you later. It is rare that newly weds think of all the cleaning they will need to do in their home, so having a gift basket full of the supplies they need will come in handy. It will also serve as a base for their future cleaning needs when they move into a house.

Think Conversation
Putting a board game or two into the basket will help the couple begin to improve their communication skills with each other. It will give them a chance to spend quality time together as a couple without the distraction of television or electronic games. The more they communicate with each other, the stronger their bond will be and you helped foster that connection.

Putting the basket together will be fun, however, make certain to put the heavier items, like the board game and the canned foods into the bottom of the basket. If time is limited or you’re not confident what the couple would like, you should consider purchasing a professionally made gift basket from a seller like Boodles Of Baskets.