Why Is There a Sudden Trend Towards Wood Flooring?

There is an unmistakable upward trend in the use and desire for hardwood flooring in homes, apartments and offices. This detail has become a major selling and renting point for realtors all across the country. The natural lower humidity gives added lasting power and the varieties make it a high-demand interior upgrade product.

New Vibrant Colors With Incredible Finish Options

Hardwood flooring is now a viable option when it comes to dramatically changing the looks of a home interior through smaller improvement projects. It is the newest tool available that offers a complete visual overhaul with minimal effort and expense. Wood can be stained nearly any color and texture added, such as a distressed, aged look. Color can be used to match, or contrast in any room.

Improved Ability to Protect the Surface

The hardwood flooring of today has more lasting power and improved performance than past products. It is able to take high traffic with ease, over a long period of time. The milling process, quality and protective finishes all contribute towards the increased demand in wood floor purchases and installation. Wood is still the softest of materials that can be used for flooring, but it does not require as much protection as it has in the past.

You still need to protect a wood floor of any type from water infiltration. It can cause parts to warp and need replacement. It is best to keep direct sunlight off of all finished wood floor products to keep the full integrity and strength. Purchasing wood that has been pre-treated using ultra-violet light will ensure the product is more durable.

Natural Look and Feel of Wood Flooring

There is something very base and attractive about hardwood flooring. Home buyers are starting to recognize this and gravitate towards homes that already have these products installed. Tile might be colorful, but ultimately it has a cold, manufactured feel. Wood is the way to go in order to make a room feel inviting and warm. Wood flooring is a nature-made product. Each piece offers individual design, creating a one-of-a-kind end result.

A Desire for the Exotic

Adding an exotic touch to your home will boost the resale value. This can be done using all types of materials, but the hardwood flooring industry has put a few products in the ring that are becoming increasingly popular. Floors made with Brazilian cherry, teak, cork and bamboo are not uncommon. Manufacturers are able to imitate these finishes on more basic woods like oak, which are easier to obtain at a better price.

Contact a hardwood flooring Toronto specialist today and check out the styles and colors available. You will see why it has become one of the hottest trends in remodeling.